Montag, 1. Mai 2017

Model Elisabeth

Credits sind nicht im Download enthalten!
Credits are not included in the download!


Hair AntoKerli by Hallowsims
KATVOND_Eyeliner by Hallowsims
Simple-Lipstick by Hallowsims

VintageTattoos by Annett85
Eyelashes by Kijiko
AbrianaSkinV2 by Ms Blue
Nails4YouFrench by Ms Blue
S4_Eyes N4_ND by Tifa
makeup_eyeshadow02 by Kijiko

Madlen Kirza Shoes by MJ95
Madlen Elizabeth Boots by MJ95
Madlen Gorgias Shoes MJ95

LaceGarters by Annett85


Die Dateien kommen in den TRAY Ordner!
Dokumente - Electronic Arts - Die Sims 4 - Tray 

The files come in the TRAY folder!
Documents - Electronic Arts - The Sims 4 - Tray

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